Confessions of a Serial Quote Collector

I admit it... I am a serial quote collector. I've been collecting quotes for over 50 years! It all started when I took a calligraphy course back in the 70s and honed my skills by choosing some of my favorite quotes and reproducing them in calligraphy. At the time I was working in the Fine-Arts Department at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Each day I placed a newly created quote in a frame on my desk at work. Soon my co-workers and some of the faculty would drop by just to see what quote I had framed that day.

Fast forward to 1984 when I got my first Mac! OMG... I fell in love with fonts! Back then there were only a few fonts available but I taught myself how to manipulate them so I could now design the quotes I loved on my computer and print them out on my ImageWriter. As the Mac technology improved and I graduated to bigger and more powerful Macs, so also did the selection of computerized fonts increase. I bought an amazing font organizer (FontExplorer Pro) that enabled me to cross-catalog all my fonts as my collection grew to now over 19,000 fonts! (I know, maybe this post should be titled "Confessions of a Serial Font Collector" but this blog is really about my quote collection!)

My love of graphic design began in 1986 when I took a design course at our local Jr. College. I was the only one in the course that wanted to learn design on a computer... even the instructor did not have computer knowledge. So I created all my assignments using my Mac (now a somewhat newer model than the one I had in 1984). Even though the course didn't include any computer instruction, I did learn a lot about hands-on graphic design and transferred that knowledge to designing on the computer. In 1987 I was hired by an "all Mac" environmental engineering firm. One of my jobs was to design site remediation maps using Adobe Illustrator 88. It was a great learning process for me in how to manipulate graphical data. I left that job in 1992 to run an alternative healing center and in the course of that transition I also became a free-agent Mac consultant/trainer and graphic designer.

In 1994 I met my future husband, Victor Grey, and together we started Open Heart Press in 1996 to publish his book "Web Without a Weaver: How the Internet is Shaping Our Future." Also, Victor started helping me with my Mac clients who wanted to get on the Internet, so together we started a web tech company ( All the while I kept honing my Mac design skills and started creating photo collages for family and clients.

Fast forward to 2004 when "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" author Richard Carlson contracted with me to build his website and to design "Weekly Thoughts" gleaned from his many books. I created over 100 weekly thoughts until his untimely death on Dec. 13, 2006. In 2010 the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) contracted with me to revamp their existing website and design a brand-new site to share their archives with the world: They also contracted with me to graphically design ACIM Weekly Thoughts and initiate an ACIM Weekly Thought subscriber list. The list quickly grew to over 20,000 subscribers. Between 2010-2017 I designed over 450 ACIM Weekly Thoughts that are currently being recycled each week by FIP. This project not only gave me an opportunity to hone my graphic design skills, but also a chance to use the many different fonts in my growing collection.

This WWIP blog now gives me the opportunity to use my font collection and my design skills to showcase the amazing quotes I've collected by the many wise and powerful women who have influenced the world in a positive way! Subscribe and receive a new graphically designed inspirational quote every day starting on January 1st!